We offer unique solutions

Unit Space - Company providing a full range of services, including design solutions for your project. We carefully follow global trends, and, taking into account the wishes of our client, we provide design options that are able to breathe life into the project.



Creating an idea is only half of the battle. To formulate it, give a name, draw a trademark and, most importantly, develop a marketing and accompanying promotion strategy - this is the fundamental work that our team always performs with inspiration. Branding is a set of activities that will allow your product to become attractive and recognizable in the eyes of the client.


Web/Mobile Design

Uniqueness and adaptability - the key to success and brand awareness. We create for you the original handwriting, with the help of which your product becomes an extraordinary project with its own charisma. For owners of existing products who want to keep up with the times and follow successful trends, we provide a redesign service.


UX/UI Design

Have you ever thought about how often you make purchasing decisions based on the convenience of the interface and a pleasant design? We design a comfortable user interface that, in tandem with a friendly design, allows the client to get a fresh and original experience of using your product, be it a website or software. Our design solutions are aimed at improving the “sale” of a product or service.